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10/01/2018 IST

YouTube is a platform with 1.3 Billion viewers every day and how great would it be if even a small portion of it could see your content. You have made a great video, gave your best effort, but still can't understand where you are lagging behind to monetize your YouTube channel. It can be extremely challenging at times to make a video to the top. That's why we have tried to collect the best and proven ways you can try to make your YouTube channel popular and have more views and subscribers in a very short time. Go through this extensive list containing every possible method you can follow and implement to promote YouTube channel and make it a 100% success.

Steps to make YouTube channel popular


  • Give your channel a catchy cool YouTube name

The first impression is the last impression. Your YouTube channel name is what everyone notices first if it will be boring and usual, you will miss out a big audience. So make it sound interesting and quirky.

  • SEO comes first

Never underestimate what SEO can do for you. Simply making videos and uploading them to youtube isn't enough these days, what good they would do for you if they won't appear in the searches and people aren't able to view them. SEO does this for you, it ranks your video higher in the searches and recommendations.

  • Have an out of the box channel trailer

YouTube provides this amazing feature to help audience introduce the YouTuber to them. SEIZE IT!! Try your creative and innovative hand here, give your audience a fun, brief and clear description of about your channel and yourself. An interesting and appealing trailer is one of the most important key factors in determining your channel's success.

  • Make irresistible video thumbnails

The first thing about your video that gets noticed is its thumb image, this is your play area, make your thumb image so obsessively attractive that the viewer can't let it go without watching it.

  • Give interesting title and description to your videos

Be fancy, absurd, weird, controversial and swaggy while naming your videos, make them an eye candy so that viewers can't let go without watching your videos.

  • Join YouTube communities

A community is a place where all the like-minded people reside, you get new ideas, advice and get networking, healthy discussions on community pages which helps you in unexpected ways. You can learn from other people's experiences, discuss your problems and find their solutions and lots other informative stuff. So go ahead and join famous YouTube communities like YouTube monetization, YouTube creator academy, YouTube creators etc.

  • Be controversial and unconventional

Let's start this point with an example, YouTube's most popular star PewDiePie, got millions of views for his video in which he screwed Disney officially and rejected the sponsorship deal. We are not implying that you should anything unethical on YouTube, it may lead to a ban on your channel but people love controversies and spicy stuff, so stir up the internet with sensational stuff, not just the regular purpose videos.

  • Create a blogging site for your YouTube channel

Smart people simply don't rely on YouTube audience these days to drive traffic to their channels, almost all famous people have their blogging sites which they are using to direct traffic to YouTube, by mentioning and using their videos on their sites.

  • Start your newsletter

Let people know whenever you upload a new video or blog by mailing your newsletters to your viewers. Making newsletters is a sure way to keep everyone aware of your activities.

  • Go for Affiliate Marketing

It is a myth that only big and famous YouTubers can get brand sponsorships, any potential YouTuber can score it. Brands pay you great when you market them, also people love to hear about famous brands, then why not do that? Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to do that.

  • Reply to comments always

A healthy discussion with your viewers keeps them interested and engaged with you, creating a healthy traffic and happy viewership on your channel leading to higher rankings of your channel.

  • Stay educated with the trends

Be aware and ahead of the trends, technologies, new concepts, tricks and methods people are using and implementing. for example, YouTube is a place where all the ironies take place as on one hand where you are told you make something no one has seen before, on other hand basic videos like "how to tie a tie" and "how to tie shoelaces" are stealing more 50M views. Who can believe that seriously? These are some trends you have to be aware of.

  • Never ever ignore social media

The thumb rule of being popular on YouTube is to never get lazy on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. They are the real boosters for your channel, actively participate in social platforms, spread the word about your channel in every possible way.


Google Adsense offers ad service for your YouTube channel but to make it more productive be sure to be very precise with the keywords you use, select the high volume and rich keywords by Adsense in your videos, titles, and description. Keywords are the ladder which helps in improving your search rankings.

  • Do guest appearances

Look for guest blogging sites and start doing guest blogging, not to forget to mention your YouTube channel there. Guest bloggers create a higher impact on readers than regular bloggers, give the readers some new, informative and impressive content as to compel them to know more about you.


Steal the audience with your charm by appearing in some other famous YouTuber's video or ask other YouTubers to join you in your videos. Enjoy the added advantage of the dual audience with collaboration.

  • Mention your fans often

The more you make your fans feel valued, the more activity like sharing, commenting, likes, subscription etc will take place on your channel. You can start by thanking a few people for sharing your videos the most or simply by acknowledging them. You can also reward them by giving a special section in your videos.

  • Schedule your Video launch

Let your viewers bite their fingernails and desperately wait for your next video, select a particular time, tell your viewers how awesome your next video is gonna be and make it difficult for them to wait until you upload your next video.

  • Never make a video without subscription button

No one will take the pain to go to your channel and hit the subscribe button even if they love your video. Make it easy for your viewers to subscribe you, by always adding the subscribe button in your videos or in an external page where you are sharing your videos.


    Show the world your preparations and dedication for your YouTube channel with a stunning application for your YouTube channel. If you are thinking "Why an app"? Then think, Why not? With an application you get to have a brand value for your YouTube channel, which seriously a very few people have, you get to earn from ads on your app along with Adsense(2X income), you can easily manage your YouTube channel and it is easy to spread the word about your channel with the help of an app.If you are worried it will incur you the cost you are not ready for, then don't worry, you can now get a free app for your Youtube channel when you sign up with Youtube Monetization. So go ahead add a brand value to your channel.

    • Enable your embedding link

    Your video is top notch and people would love to share it with their friends, but how can make your work viral if you have not enabled the sharing or embedding link of your video, be always sure it is always in action and working all the time.

    • Create playlists more rather than random videos

    Don't give your audience the chance to jump to someone else's video as your video ends, keep the users trapped in your YouTube videos by back to back playing your videos one after another through a playlist.

    • Include the channel link in your signature

    Wherever you mention your name, make it a habit to include your channel's name or link in your signature, let people notice that you own a YouTube channel, for the curiosity's sake they will check your channel for sure.

    • Stay Consistent

    Heard of the tortoise and the bunny race tale? It is the tortoise who wins the race despite being slower than rabbit but consistent. In a similar way, YouTube pays special attention to the YouTubers who are consistent in uploading videos and at the scheduled time. Try uploading 2 to 4 videos a week, to draw YouTube's attention towards you.

    • Do Blog commenting

    Blog commenting is a part of spreading the word about your YouTube channel. Go read other people's blog, post genuine spam-free comments and mention your channel wherever appropriate. They drive huge traffic to any channel.

    Last but not the least "Be creative and Informative"

    Would you make an effort to read this article if I keep repeating the point and not tell anything new, something you have not heard of before? Heck No! Why would you mind giving it a damn, the same is the case with YouTube no one likes to watch boring, copied content. Fill your viewers with knowledge, fun and the curiosity to keep watching your videos. Be creative and unique, be inspired by other YouTubers but don't copy them, be yourself in the videos you make and give them your magical touch, not the image of other YouTuber's work.


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