How to ruin a Brand Promotion campaign with YouTube Influencers

11/01/2018 IST

We are sure that as a brand you positively know how YouTube influencer marketing can land you in a pool of high sales opportunity at a minimal budget on the world's biggest online video platform, YouTube. It's no secret to anyone, how influential, influencer marketing can be starting from creating awareness among masses to uplifting the economic status. There are reasons how brands like Zara, Mercedes, British Airways, Sprite, Dominos and so on captured the global market with the help of great Influencer marketing campaigns while others could not. In this blog, you can discover the ways in which you can probably fail an influencer campaign and the ways to avoid them.

1. Creating an AD instead of a campaign

This is the biggest mistake brands end up making as influence marketing shall not be considered as an advertisement. They have to be made unbiased, isolated from the sales point of view. Influencing your audience is typical and difficult, it is crucial to understand their psychology to market your product in a more productive way which cannot be done by making a video that is more of like an advertisement, why would they spend their time to watch an advertisement on YouTube which they can simply watch on television? They browse youTube endlessly for hours to have their share of entertaining, amusing, funny and interesting content not boring straight ad content. So make sure to have your product featured in the most natural way, let it be free of ad content and let viewers make their own perception your brand, don't force your brand image on them.

2. By nagging your creators and imposing your ideas. Relax! Trust them

Being rude to social media Influencers and giving unrealistic deadlines to your video creators is another sure shot way of ruining your influencer campaign. Don't take your creators as your employees, it's their task to fit your brand graciously in their videos and remember they are a pro at it. Forcing them to specifically use your ideas will lead to nothingness, they might end up getting frustrated and may not be able to perform as good as they usually are in their videos. Most brand campaigns never workout because the brands often fail to trust their creators and end up spoiling the relationship. The secret to having a successful campaign is discussing the ideas and vision with creators and respecting their perspective. Keep your creators happy and well satisfied so that they can make the most positive outlook for your brand in their videos, instead of simply faking it which is easy to spot by the viewers.

3. Keeping things in dark

As a brand, it might be intimidating for you to disclose everything about your company and it's vision, but keeping your creator completely in dark will result in a bland and boring video which lacks goals and message your brand wants to deliver to the masses. Why hire a creator when you want a plain regular, boring video which nobody wants to see? If you have finally decided to set your foot in Influencer marketing, which undoubtedly is an incredible way to boost sales and create awareness about your brand globally, then start sharing your mission, vision, goals, and expectations clearly from the video with your creator. Only when your creator has a clear understanding which direction to work in, only then he/she can execute it in an effective way.

4. Negotiation is a Two-way street

As a small company, you might not be able to dedicate a big chunk of your economic resources to influencer marketing and thus you negotiate with the creator at very minimalistic prices, way below the creator's expectations to settle the deal. No one likes being paid below expectations, and not keeping your creator happy is the best ingredient for disaster. If you are not able to pay a handsome amount to your creator as a start-up or relatively small company, don't worry there are various other ways to pay them, for example, send them freebies, free samples, vouchers or such other lucrative offers, your creator can't refuse. Some brands offer yearly free supply of their products if they are not in a situation to pay big bills.

As a big company, if you refuse to pay the justified amount to your influencers, the feeling of injustice may evolve in them which can directly affect your campaign. So whether you are a small company or a big shark in the sea, if you expect gigantic results from your influencers, they also expect big rewards from you.

5. Following, the bigger the superior blindly

Undermining the potential of small YouTube channel might be a big mistake you are probably making. Brands often tend to tie-up with the YouTube channels which have a huge fan following and massive viewer figures. Small channels growing at a fast speed are actually superior alternate to settle the deal with. They always take such brand sponsorships more seriously and at relatively lower prices, though we are not implying that big YouTube stars don't do it well. Finding the right influencer for your channel can be tough indeed but it is the selection of right influencer which decides the fate of your campaign's success. Also, there is a controversial philosophy behind hiring small growing influencers, that people tend to believe their reviews more genuinely than those on big YouTubers since it is a common tendency that if a big star is reviewing a product it must be paid by brands as no brands would pay the small YouTubers for reviews.(The bigger the superior psychology of companies). It is always strongly recommended by digital experts to use an influencer marketing platform to find right influencers and monitor the campaign's progress like Youtube Monetization, Famebit, Grapevine.

So, if you are gravely looking ahead to a successful influencer campaign on YouTube, make sure that you don't commit these mistakes and analyze the performance critically. A healthy journey starts with the healthy beginning and planning. Good Luck!


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